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Courses Offered

Basic SWAT School                       Length: 5days                           Tuition: $700
This course is designed to teach officers all of the basic skills required to be a SWAT team member. We will cover everything in the classroom and then have officers apply that training in field scenarios. Topics include team structure, tactical movement, scouting, all levels of entry, vehicle take downs and officer/victim rescue.

SWAT Team Leader                      Length: 3 day                            Tuition: $550
This course covers everything you need to know to be a working team leader. We will teach you how to plan missions, manage officers, set standards and select personnel. Instructors are experienced, active team leaders for large teams.

Hostage Rescue                            Length: 3 days                          Tuition: $550
This class will cover in depth all of the problems associated with hostage rescue. We will provide you with the skills, tactics and methods for training and to make your missions as successful as possible.

Carbine / Subgun User                   Length: 3 days                         Tuition: $550
We will certify you to operate your Semi or select fire rifle or submachine gun for all law enforcement missions. This course focuses on basic techniques, but we hammer them to get you as efficient and accurate as possible. We start in the classroom and then move to the range quickly to get you as comfortable as possible with your assigned weapon.

Carbine / Subgun Instructor            Length: 5 days                          Tuition: $700
The instructor course covers everything in the user course, but with a focus on being an instructor. In addition to shooting, we cover case law, weapon and accessory selection, safe range practices, setting standards and forcing your students to get the most out of their training.

Tactical Pistol                                Length: 2 days                          Tuition: $400
This course will teach you how to be more effective with your pistol during engagements and training. We cover all the basics, then focus on decreasing inefficiencies and increasing skill in all areas.

Pistol Instructor                              Length: 5 days                         Tuition: $700
This course is designed to update new instructors on methods used to make student shooters better with limited resources. In addition it will cover all aspects of running an LE based firearms program with case law, policy and deadly force.

High Risk Warrant Service              Length: 3 days                          Tuition: $550
We will show you how to scout, gather intelligence, plan, brief and serve your warrant as safely as possible using several techniques. We cover Dynamic entry, Surround & Callout and vehicle takedown procedures.

Mechanical / Shotgun Breaching      Length: 2days                         Tuition: $400
This class covers all topics concerning forcible entry. We will discuss using battering rams, halligan tools, shotguns, pry bars, hydraulic tools, pull hooks and everything else you can think of to force your way into a structure. This class is heavy on practical exercise and you will use most of the tools mentioned above to effect forcible entry using team tactics.

Ballistic Shield User                        Length: 2 days                          Tuition: $400
We will cover different levels of protection, construction, accessories and application. Topics covered include marksmanship, weapon handling and manipulation, defensive tactics, shield tactics and team movement using ballistic shields or blankets.

Designated Marksman                    Length: 2 days                          Tuition: $400
This course will teach you to stretch out your patrol carbine to ranges beyond 50 yards. It is not intended to be a sniper school, we focus on rapid hits out to 300 yards using Vari-X optics or magnifiers behind your current optic. All ranging will be estimated and hold overs will be calculated using knowledge gained in the class based on your weapon and ammunition. This is a great class for patrol officers AND SWAT members assigned to perimeter duties.

                                Length: 2 days                         Tuition: $400

This course will cover everything from equipment selection, starting a program, policy and effective target engagements on the range. We cover zeroing to transitions regardless of the type of laser or I2 device being used. (An optional 3rd day is available to cover basic TTP's and integration into clearing. Add $150)

Full course descriptions and bio by email. Custom courses available upon request. If your team or agency wants a closed course, curriculum can be changed or adjusted to meet your specific needs. Closed course pricing based on number of students and curriculum, contact us for a quote.

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